The time has finally come to give back to the people who supported us from ICO to our thriving beta platform. As promised, 10,000,000 CHP will be added to the first of many Crypto Series of Poker (CSOP) events!

Join in on a week of daily tournaments where millions of CHP tokens are up for grabs. The series takes place between May 27 and June 3, giving players a chance to make bank in a variety of poker games

Top news - get your CHP at the KuCoin!

  • Players can only win one entry for each CSOP tournament when playing satellites. Therefore, if a player has won an entry to a CSOP satellite, further seats cannot be won by the same player for that specific tournament.
  • No additional tickets or CHP will be awarded if a player wins more than one seat to a tournament.
  • All new players who create a CoinPoker account and make a first deposit of at least 100 CHP to between May 7th till May 27th will be granted free entry (250CHP) into CSOP Event #1. All players for this freeroll will be manually added to the tournament player list on the 27th of May.

Play Now

Date Event Buy-in Added
May 27 CSOP 1 | Turbo (Unlimited Rebuys) 250CHP 250,000CHP
May 27 CSOP 2 | Knockout (100 CHP) 500CHP 500,000CHP
May 28 CSOP 3 | Turbo (Unlimited Rebuys) 500CHP 200,000CHP
May 28 CSOP 4 | 1R1A 1,000CHP 500,000CHP
May 29 CSOP 5 | Super-Turbo 4 Max 750CHP 200,000CHP
May 29 CSOP 6| Deepstack 2,500CHP 500,000CHP
May 30 CSOP 7 | Knockout 1,500CHP 200,000CHP
May 30 CSOP 8| 2R1A 1,000CHP 500,000CHP
May 31 CSOP 9| Turbo (Unlimited Rebuys) 500CHP 200,000CHP
May 31 CSOP 10 | Super Knockout (1.5K) 3,000CHP 500,000CHP
June 1 CSOP 11 | Turbo (Unlimited Rebuys) 500CHP 200,000CHP
June 1 CSOP 12 | Super Knockout (2K) 4,000CHP 1,000,000CHP
June 2 CSOP 13 | Super-Turbo 1,000CHP 500,000CHP
June 2 CSOP 14 | Turbo, No-Mercy Bounty 10K 3,000CHP 1,000,000CHP
June 3 CSOP 15 | Turbo (Unlimited Rebuys) 1,000CHP 200,000CHP
June 3 CSOP Mini Main Event | 1R 2,500CHP 1,000,000CHP
June 3 CSOP Main Event: 20K CHP Tony G Bounty 5,000CHP 2,500,000CHP